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Niggun Yaakov Avinu
Niggun Yaakov Avinu
Yaakov Avinu's Nigun


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Yaakov Avinu's Niggun

(First minute of file is a Yiddish introduction.)

Zohar teaches that Jewish souls had not been born for the first time in Egypt. Hashem had already sent these souls down in order to give them the Torah twice, once during the generation of the Mabul and again during the Dor Haflagah, the Generation of Dispersion. Both of these attempts had ended in dismal failure when the people sinned grievously and were thus tragically destroyed.

Jewish souls began being born as Lavan’s sheep and not arbitrarily. Lavan was so terrible a sinner that the chief of evil forces, the Satan himself, found in him a haven. Thus, Jewish souls, having followed the directives of the Satan in previous lifetimes, placed themselves under his cruel jurisdiction and when born again as animals found themselves as the possessions of Lavan.

However, Hashem ensures that no soul can be eternally damned. That is why He gave tzaddikim the power to rectify and elevate souls who, through their sins, had lost the ability to do so for themselves. The tzaddik chosen for the task of rehabilitating all 600,000 Jewish souls was Yaakov. There were tzaddikim who remembered their previous incarnations. Among them were the Yismach Moshe, the Rebbe of Apt and R' yisrael of Ruzhin. These tzaddikim remembered being sheep under Yaakov’s care and were even able to teach their disciples the song that Yaakov had played to them on his flute.

For a further explanation of this concept, see Sacred Soil, Chapter 20 Section C. Book available on this website as well as on Artscroll.com

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