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01 Ki Savoi 01 Ki Savoi

Bikkurim - Bringing the Fruit of ראשית to the Place of ראשית

Be a זריז in Elul The Last Month of the Year

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01 Devarim 01 Devarim

נשלחה אנשים לפנינו - The Importance of Being a Messenger of Hashem

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03 Masei 03 Masei

The Lesson of the בני מכיר and the Bnos Tzelafchad

Our Eternal Connection to Eretz Yisroel


Download Price: $2.00
02 Matos 02 Matos

A Deeper Understanding of the Topic of the בני ראובן ובני גד

and the Hidden Holiness קדושה of the Three Weeks

Download Price: $2.00
01 Matos Masei 01 Matos Masei

דרוש נפלא על טעמי המקרא - Exile is Rooted in Redemption

Download Price: $2.00
01 פנחס 01 פנחס

The Greatness and Downfall of זמרי בן סלוא

and how it Corresponds to חדש אב

Download Price: $2.00
02 Balak 02 Balak

The Seed of Mashiach will Sprout from the Depth of our Times

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01 Balak 01 Balak

The Transformation of the Curses of Bilaam and the Bitternes of Tamuz

(connection to קרח)


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01 Shelach 01 Shelach

The Jewish Connection to Eretz Yisroel

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04 Behaloischa 04 Behaloischa

Our Waiting for Miriam in the Dessert and the Hidden Treasure of Tishe Baav

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03 Behaloischa 03 Behaloischa

The Scattering of the Jews in Exile to Gather the Sparks of Holiness

Download Price: $2.00
02 Behaloischa 02 Behaloischa

A Jew's True Mission in his Summer Travels - ויהי בנסוע הארון

Download Price: $2.00
01 Behaloischa 01 Behaloischa

ויהי בנסוע הארון - The Benefits of the Travels of Exiles

Download Price: $2.00
01 Nasoi 01 Nasoi

The Significance of the 176 Pesukim in the Parsha

Download Price: $2.00
03 Behar Bechukoisei 03 Behar Bechukoisei

An Explanation of  מה ענין שמיטה אצל הר סיני

Proof from this Parsha of Mashiach


Download Price: $2.00
02 Behar Bechukoisei 02 Behar Bechukoisei

Yovel - Returning to the Roots

Download Price: $2.00
01 Behar Bechukosei 01 Behar Bechukosei

A Deeper Understanding of the Eved Ivri

His Slavery and Redemption

Download Price: $2.00
03 Emor 03 Emor

אמור אל הכהנים בני אהרן ואמרת וכו

As we Purify Ourselfs Hashem Purifies us 

Download Price: $2.00
02 Emor 02 Emor

Every Jew has the Holiness of a Certain Holiday

Download Price: $2.00
01 Emor 01 Emor

Understanding the Mistake of the מגדף and how it Pertains to Laag Beomer

Download Price: $2.00
03 Tazria Metzorah 03 Tazria Metzorah

An Explanation of Tumas Yoldos and Mitzvas Milah

Download Price: $2.00
02 Tazria Mitzora 02 Tazria Mitzora

An Explanation of the Haftorah - The Tzeras of גחזי and his Tikun

Download Price: $2.00
01 Tazria Metzora 01 Tazria Metzora

The Impurity of a Women who gave birth and Eliyahu Hanavi

Download Price: $2.00
03 Shemini 03 Shemini

Healthy Nourishment for the Neshama




Download Price: $2.00
02 Shemini 02 Shemini

Eliyahu Hanavi will Resolve the Difficulties in the Torah by Inspiring Jews to Repent

Download Price: $2.00