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English Topics Series English Topics Series

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updated Tamuz 5775

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18 Topics: Summer 18 Topics: Summer

Preparing for a Good Summer

(Connection to שלח/קרח and תמוז/אב)

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17 Topics: Marriage 17 Topics: Marriage

Giving the Ring

A Symbolism of the Essence of marriage

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16 Topics: ברכת החמה 16 Topics: ברכת החמה

The Revelation that the Power of the Sun Belongs to the Jews

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15 Topics: Currents Events 15 Topics: Currents Events

Conquering the Fearfulness of our Times with Faith in Hashem

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14 Topics: Current Events 14 Topics: Current Events

The Recession - Give Charity with Joy;

The קדושים of the Mumbai Massacre

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13 Topics: Shidduchim 13 Topics: Shidduchim

Shidduchim - of Sublime Origin;

Chanukah and Modesty

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12 Topics: A Speech To Jews in Jail 12 Topics: A Speech To Jews in Jail

Freedom in Prison

תעניג השכינה מעבודה בעמקי הקליפות

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11 Topics: Pirkei Avos 11 Topics: Pirkei Avos

נקרא רע אוהב את המקום אוהב את הבריות ומלבשתו ענוה ומכשרתו להיות צדיק משמח את המקום משמח את הבריות

The Evils of a Talmid Chacham with bad Middos

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10 Topics: Summer 10 Topics: Summer

Be a Messenger of Hashem on Your Summer Vacation

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09 Topics: Marriage 09 Topics: Marriage

Marriage - An Everlasting Union of Holiness

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08 Topics: Eulogy 08 Topics: Eulogy

For the Satmar Rebbe

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07 Topics: Torah Power 07 Topics: Torah Power

Torah Missiles

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06 Topics: Trust in Hashem 06 Topics: Trust in Hashem

Having Trust in these Days of Fear

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05 Topics: אמונה 05 Topics: אמונה

Having Emunah in the Difficult time before Mashiach will Come

When Hashem Will Seem Distant

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04 Topics: תפילה 04 Topics: תפילה

The Pleasure and Privilege Of Attaching Oneself to Hashem

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03 Topics: נביא 03 Topics: נביא

A Deeper Explanation of the Story of נבות היזרעלי and his כרם

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02 Topics: פרקי אבות 02 Topics: פרקי אבות

The Greatness of the חכמי תורה and the קדושה that Exists in their names

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01 Topics: פרקי אבות 01 Topics: פרקי אבות

פרק ששי: The קדושה of צדיקים and the חשיבות of Learning תורה

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22 Shemita 5775 22 Shemita 5775


A Year of


Also in this shiur: Defeat Yishmael with the Power of Keshes i.e. Tefilah

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21 Mashiach 21 Mashiach

The Coming of Mashiach and the Return of Every Jew!

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20 Kashrus 20 Kashrus

An Address to Organizations of Kashrus Overseers

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19-1 Topics: Tu Bishvat 19-1 Topics: Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat Mashiach Birthdays

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19-2 Topics: Ocean Waves 19-2 Topics: Ocean Waves

The Striving of the Rising Waves

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English Misc Sample English Misc Sample

The Pleasure and Privilege Of Attaching Oneself to Hashem

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