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English Sefirah Shevuos Set English Sefirah Shevuos Set

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09 Shevuos 09 Shevuos

Prepare for the Day when your Spiritual Destiny will be Determined

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08 Shevuos 08 Shevuos

חרות על הלוחות - Free Yourself from the Bondages of your יצר הרע

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07 Shevuos 07 Shevuos

The Destiny of the Jewish People: to Return to their Roots 

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06 Shevuos 06 Shevuos

Preparing for Shevuos through Torah and Mitzvos


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05 Shevuos 05 Shevuos

The Redemption of Rus - the Neshama of Yovel

from the Bondage of Moav

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04 Shevuos 04 Shevuos

The Holines of Shir Hashirim

The Theme of Shevuos

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03 Shevuos 03 Shevuos

Every Jew is Letter and a Mitzvah

Matan Torah -The Foundation of Emunah

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02 Shevuos 02 Shevuos

The Marriage of the Jewish People to Hashem and his Torah

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01 Shevuos 01 Shevuos

Every Jew is A Letter in the Torah

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05 Laag Beomer 05 Laag Beomer

The Light of יובל Begins to be Revealed

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04 Laag Beomer 04 Laag Beomer

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - The Neshamah of Mashiach

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03 Laag Beomer 03 Laag Beomer

Why Laag Beomer is the Most Important Day of Sefirah

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02 Laag Beomer 02 Laag Beomer

The Middah of 'Hod' and its Connection to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

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01 Laag Beomer 01 Laag Beomer

Why the Students of Rabbi Akiva Stopped Dying When the Week of Laag Beomer Arrived

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02 Sefirah 02 Sefirah

סדרות מחוברים During Sefirah

A Time for Unity Between Different Sects of Jews 

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01 Sefirah 01 Sefirah

The Seven Middos of Sefirah;

The Holiness of the Jewish people vs. the Impurity of Yishmael

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English Shevuos Sample English Shevuos Sample

Every Jew is A Letter in the Torah

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